Tooth decay remains the number one reason why children aged between five and nine are admitted to hospital. All of us in Smile Together remain passionate about oral health education and improving long term outcomes for Cornish children, which is why we invest so much of our own time and resource into Brighter Smiles, Cornwall’s oral health programme, and other prevention activities. However, we can’t achieve as much as we do without the generous support of others.

We are therefore hugely grateful to retired dentist Nigel Morgan for his very generous donation to support the work of our Brighter Smiles team.  Nigel explains: “I recently undertook some work with the clinical team of Smile Together, during which time I became aware of the amazing work their Brighter Smiles team do in local schools, nurseries and family hubs. Setting up toothbrushing clubs, applying fluoride varnish and fun oral health education to children and their families, seeking to improve their overall oral health and make a difference over the longer term. I was delighted to make a contribution to support this critical prevention activity”.

Nigel joins a growing number of Brighter Smiles supporters – if you would like to join Nigel in supporting our work, please contact


Brighter Smiles supporter Nigel Morgan with Brighter Smiles team

Brighter Smiles supporter Nigel Morgan with our Brighter Smiles team:
Oral Health Promotion Lead Dental Nurse Jo Trevelyan (left) and Oral Health Administrator Alison Dunn