If the dentist feels it is suitable, a bridge can be used to fill the gaps between teeth. A bridge is similar in appearance to a crown and is normally tooth coloured. It is supported by the surrounding natural teeth to keep this prosthetic in place.

A bridge can be a good solution for filling gaps but it is best to let your clinician decide if this is the best option for you as they are not suitable for everyone.

This treatment requires several appointments. If you would like to know more, please speak to a member of our friendly dental team.

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Bridges: Resin bridgeFrom £825
Bridges: 3 bridge unitFrom £1,848

Please be aware that we will require a deposit when you book an appointment - this will be deducted from your bill for the relevant treatment at your next visit. We understand that things sometimes come up, so your deposit will not be affected if you alter your appointment with over 24 hours' notice. We will always be as flexible as possible with you but reserve the right to retain your deposit in case of late cancellations (any cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice) or late arrivals which result in us not being able to see you (for example, arriving c:15 minutes late for a 20-30 minute appointment). It is very difficult for us to offer care to other patients if little notice is given. Loss of opportunity to treat patients in need increases the waiting times for appointments and the cost to run the surgery. We will always try to be sensitive to personal circumstances in the event of late cancellations.

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