Smile Together is proudly partnering with fellow community interest company Plant One who bring businesses, individuals and landowners together to plant trees in Cornish soil, creating habitat that benefits native wildlife and keeps Cornwall a green and special land.

Plant One is dedicated to restoring native woodlands across the county and we have signed up to their Premium Partnership which will see the planting of at least 144 trees including through a team planting day.

As a certified B Corporation putting our people, our patients, our community and increasingly our planet first, partnering with Plant One was a natural alignment. Our focus on health and wellbeing, including through our elected Shareholder Impact Board, brings the benefit of accessible woodland for individuals mental and physical health sharply into focus. In addition, living and working in such a beautiful county means Smile Together colleagues are keen to make a sustainable difference, including to protect and preserve our natural landscape.

We were therefore thrilled to be invited by the Plant One team to visit one of their key planting locations, Cabilla Cornwall, in August 2023, where planting is underway to complement their existing ancient woodland. Atlantic temperate rainforests, such as this, are one of the most biologically diverse and important habitats in Britain. Their vibrant conditions help rare plants, lichens, fungi, birds and mammals to thrive and, once covering up to a fifth of the UK, these rainforests are now extremely rare, hence the establishment of the We joined a number of other Plant One partners at Cabilla, both two and four-legged:

We previously supported Woodland Recovery 2020 (West Cornwall tree planting project aiming to plant 20,000 trees in 2021) and look forward to seeing even more trees and woodlands established across the county.

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