Dental Hygiene Therapy

Dental hygiene therapists are specially trained to work as an integral part of the dental team. Our dental hygiene therapists are able to carry out examinations, create treatment plans and directly treat patients including under prescription.

At Smile Together, you can make direct access hygiene therapy appointments without seeing the dentist first and many patients welcome this opportunity to talk to our friendly dental hygiene therapists about their oral health care.

Dental hygiene therapy isn’t just about the traditional scale and polish to remove plaque or stain removal from discoloured teeth – it’s a much more holistic oral health care approach to keeping gums healthy and strong. Therapists play an important part in wider dental health care including preventive dental health and treating gum disease – showing you correct home care and helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Gums are a good indication of an individual’s overall health and wellbeing, a window to the rest of their body, and we therefore encourage our patients to attend for regular appointments (included if you sign up to one of our Patient Plans).

Of course, your dentist and dental hygiene therapist visits form only part of your journey to good oral health. Maintaining an effective oral health regime between appointments is just as important. Visit our Patient Hub to find out how to take good care of your oral health at home.

Prices will vary according to the practice location you visit, the complexity of treatment required and the appointment time allocated

Hygiene appointment with dental hygiene therapist or dentistFrom £68-£85
Non-surgical periodontal management (NSPM) (Comprehensive examination and professional mechanical plaque removal, if required over 2 sessions and with local anaesthetic)From £295

Please note an advance payment (50% deposit) will be taken when booking this appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, this deposit is non-refundable. If you register for our Patient Plan you’ll get 10% discount on dental hygiene therapy appointments.

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