Consolidating our brands into just Smile Together – no more West Country Dental Care and Brighter Dental

We’ve worked hard since 2016 to build a consistently strong and enduring Smile Together reputation and brand that encompasses not just our patient care but our ethos as an employee-owned community interest company, doing what we can to make a sustainable difference to the oral health of patients and communities across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Our branding framework has traditionally encompassed West Country Dental Care and Brighter Dental as two distinct entities beneath the ‘parent’ brand of Smile Together, a division which has proved difficult for our patients, our commissioners, ourselves and other stakeholders to understand, as evidenced in a perception survey carried out earlier in 2021.

The consolidation to just Smile Together will make it easier for everyone to understand who we are, what services we provide, why we’re a different dental provider and how we make a difference to our patients, our community and increasingly our planet.


So what will change?

We already deliver our impact as Smile Together with specific projects such as Brighter Smiles and Smiles at Sea complemented by our corporate giving and fundraising including our oral health donations initiative seeing colleagues supporting Foodbanks, homelessness and other charities in their local community.

Our colleagues already have a Smile Together uniform, keen to be seen as ‘one team’ and we’ve introduced a patient flyer explaining who we are and why we’re a different dental provider along with other useful and informative materials.

In January new signage will be installed in most locations along with colourful impact posters, our social media channels will be consolidated across all the platforms we currently use, and we’ll have a brand-new website – simpler, clearer and easier to understand for our patients, our teams, our partners and other stakeholders.


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