Hampshire-based Brush-Baby Ltd has generously donated almost 600 of their fun and easy to use toothbrushes to Brighter Smiles, Cornwall’s oral health campaign.

With deep clean bristles, these ‘FlossBrushes’ are specially designed for young children, especially those who don’t floss, so are perfect for Brighter Smiles which seeks to improve the oral health outcomes of children across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

Dominique Tillen, Founder and MD of Brush-Baby Ltd said: “We’re happy to help the brilliant work that the Brighter Smiles team are doing with young children throughout the south-west of the country. We’re only a small company, but we’ve donated toothbrushes to the programme hoping and believing that every effort and donation, however ‘big or small’, will make a difference.  Oral health is often overlooked and yet it has such a profound effect on a child’s well-being now and with consequences in later life.”

Jo Trevelyan, lead oral health nurse at Smile Together Dental CIC who delivers the Brighter Smiles programme, said: “The number one reason children in the county aged 5-9 years go to hospital for a general anaesthetic is for tooth extraction due to decay, yet this is entirely preventable. Our Brighter Smiles team visits schools and family centres throughout the year setting up tooth brushing clubs, applying fluoride varnish and delivering oral health education to thousands of children, but we can’t do so without the generous support of organisations like Brush-Baby, so we’re very grateful”.

Brush-Baby Ltd join a growing number of organisations proactively supporting Brighter Smiles, many of whom are now supporting for their second if not third year, recognising the importance of making a difference through partnership.

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