Brand communications agency FUEL have very generously supported our Brighter Smiles campaign since its launch in 2015 as a key Smile Together impact initiative. Now, thanks to the Fuel team, Brighter Smiles has a brand-new website!

The fresh new design is engaging, friendly and easy to navigate. It sits well alongside the contemporary and accessible new Smile Together website, also developed by Fuel and launched in January 2022 when we consolidated our brands from three into one.

Tooth decay is the most common reason for hospital admission in children aged between 6 and 10 years and there has been an 83% increase in the number of caries-related tooth extractions in hospital for 0-to-19 year-olds compared to the previous year 2020/21*. Yet this is preventable.

Our dental team became so disheartened with removing teeth from so many children that we launched our Brighter Smiles Campaign, backed by Cornwall Council, Fuel and a number of other generous supporters and it’s been successfully running ever since. We set up toothbrushing clubs, apply fluoride varnish and deliver oral health education in around 100 primary schools, family hubs and nurseries across the county, particularly in areas of high tooth decay. We make a difference to the oral health of around 6,500 children each year and engage with hundreds of teachers and parents/carers. Our ambition is to work in partnership to reach thousands more.

Not only is our new Brighter Smiles website a valuable oral health resource, including interactive videos, animations and links to practical oral health advice and guidance for children, but it will hopefully encourage further support for this important campaign.

Hanna Franklin, Oral Health Administrator for Brighter Smiles, says: ‘Our new website is fantastic and will be a really valuable resource for those schools, nurseries and family hubs that we engage with, as well as those we don’t yet visit with our oral health programme. It is easy to use and super friendly, showcasing the brilliant work that we do across the county, making a real difference to the oral health of local children.’

Smile Together Outreach Manager, Alison Cane, agrees: “This is a super new website for Brighter Smiles. I especially welcome its potential to ‘scale up’ as our outreach programme develops in line with our mission to tackle oral health inequality right across the county”.

Our thanks again to Fuel for creating us this fabulous new website – follow the link here to see for yourself!


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