Nicola Barr, Senior Dentist at West Country Dental Care, a Smile Together service providing access to urgent and emergency care, special care dentistry, oral surgery, children’s orthodontics and treatments under general anaesthetic in a hospital setting, says: “I find working here very rewarding and see access dentistry as a fantastic way for practitioners to develop a valuable range of dental skills – in our case with great facilities in a most beautiful part of the country”


Paula Souto, a Senior Dental Officer in the West Country Dental Care team says: “Access dentistry may not be some people’s first choice when they graduate, but for me it represents a significant part of a career journey and is something I think all newly graduated dental students should consider. Not only have I mastered the foundation skills of dentistry, but I also enjoy a chameleonic and significant role. Both in access and community settings, I help patients who really need my skills and in turn know that the positive impact I’m having on their lives is one of the greatest rewards of all. Working with Smile Together I also get great job satisfaction and a love for dentistry that inspires me every day.”


Since 2016, when we became an employee-owned community interest company, our team has grown significantly, both clinically and in terms of professional support. Through our Shareholder Impact Board, regular meetings and internal communications, we keep in touch with everyone and frequently seek feedback to find out what our team think about working at Smile Together.


In our last Staff Survey, we asked our colleagues to give us 5 words to describe how they feel about coming to work – the results included:

Happy, calm, teamwork, laughs, support

Proud, involved, challenged, trusted, respected

Enthusiastic, proud, motivated, happy, focused

Inspired, enthusiastic, happy, teamwork, determined


Many colleagues voluntarily contributed further insight through our Staff Survey including:

“Smile Together have a flexible approach and are forward thinking”

“Smile Together has a bold vision and the desire to achieve”

“Smile Together put patient care first”

“I love working at Smile Together and feel like I can continue positively contributing to an exciting future for our company”

“I really enjoy working here and would like to thank Smile Together for all the support and development I’ve been given”


Our Smile Together Training Academy:

Our Training Academy ensures you receive a thorough induction upon joining as well as the professional and personal development that you require to succeed in your role.  It also means we develop every individual in our organisation, no matter what their role, so everyone has a great team around them.

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