After a delay the postponed April 2020 NHS dental charges increase will come into effect in England from 14 December 2020 and costs will increase by 5%. You may have seen in the media that this has been widely opposed by dentists as this money does not go back into dentistry but into general taxation and it is the second 5% increase in 2 years.

At Smile Together we are committed to tackling oral health care inequalities in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly – our 2019/2020 social impact report is worth a read to get an understanding of the wider issues in NHS dentistry in the county and what we are doing to help address this:…/

The new NHS dentistry fees mean:

  • A routine check-up will increase by £1.10 and therefore rise from £22.70 to £23.80
  • Treatments including root canals and extractions will increase by £3.10 – from £62.10 to £65.20
  • Additionally, procedures such as crowns, bridges and dentures will rise by £13.50 – from £269.30 to £282.80

Many people are on the waiting list for NHS dentistry in the county and demand for emergency care through our Urgent Dental Care Hubs remains high. If you would like more regular dental care with a private provider that reinvests back into local communities, we would love you to choose our Brighter Dental team.

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