You can make a request by email ( or by telephone, where a member of our team will be able to complete the form on your behalf. Or if you prefer to write in then please complete the SARs Request Form.

Please be specific if you need anything in particular, as we might be able to find it for you more easily. Please note if you would like a copy of specific information such as a single call recording or a copy of documentation we can usually provide this more quickly without a full Subject Access Request.

Please do not send any payment when submitting a SAR as in most cases we will not charge a fee to comply with a Subject Access Request.

We’ll send your data to you securely and electronically in PDF form, so you can share it with a third party if you need to. Alternatively, we can post it to you.

When you’ve completed your request, for security purposes we may contact you. Smile Together is obliged to ensure that we are dealing with the correct person, so we may ask you to prove your identity, before we address your request and respond. If you are unable to prove your identity, we are not required to respond. Once you have proved your identity and we’ve approved your request, it’ll usually take up to 30 days for us to prepare it. We aim to complete all requests as soon as possible and within that time; however, if your request is more complex, we may take up to 90 days. In the unlikely event that this is the case we will let you know of any delays within 30 days.

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