West Country Dental Care nurses Thai and Tanisha in clinic

Tanisha Doig and Thai Batchelor

Apprentice Dental Nursing

Tanisha Doig

“When I first became interested in dental nursing, I approached Smile Together for some work experience and they very kindly invited me to observe their West Country Dental Care team in action. After spending a few days watching the clinics in action it inspired me, and I decided I would like to go into dentistry. So, when I saw their apprenticeship opportunities being promoted, I leapt at the chance to apply and was thrilled to be offered one of the two posts. I started in December 2017 working in Newquay Community Hospital, where I have been working with West Country Dental Care and Brighter Dental to gain knowledge in all areas of dentistry and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Especially the in-house mentoring that I have received from the dental nurses and dentists who have been so supportive. Thai and I are the first such apprentices for Smile Together and have been working together to achieve our qualification, by studying, revising and helping each other throughout the course. We are both very excited to have been offered full-time dental nurse positions upon completion of our qualification”

West Country Dental Care nurses Thai and Tanisha standing behind dental chair in clinic