Plant One is dedicated to restoring native woodlands across the county and signing up to their Premium Partnership included a team planting day at one of their key planting locations, which we fulfilled on a very chilly but dry day mid-January 2024 at Cabilla Cornwall. Alongside other corporate supporters and volunteers, including our good friend Chris Hines MBE, we collectively planted over 750 trees and agreed it was such fun and so rewarding, all of us leaving with big smiles and a real sense of achievement:

We had already visited Cabilla Cornwall, in August 2023, where planting is underway to complement their existing ancient woodland. Atlantic temperate rainforests, such as this, are one of the most biologically diverse and important habitats in Britain. Their vibrant conditions help rare plants, lichens, fungi, birds and mammals to thrive and, once covering up to a fifth of the UK, these rainforests are now extremely rare, hence the establishment of the We joined a number of other Plant One partners at Cabilla, both two and four-legged:



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