What are “silver crowns”?
These are metal crowns made up of stainless steel, which contains nickel and chrome. They are placed on back teeth which are decayed, broken down or not formed properly.

Why does my child need them?
Research shows that these metal crowns are long lasting, and it helps to protect the entire tooth from further decay. They remain on the tooth until it naturally falls out and this helps maintain correct spacing for the adult teeth. These metal crowns are not suitable if the decay or the breakdown is too extensive.

How long will they last?
In most cases these crowns will remain on the teeth until they naturally fall out, in rare cases they will need to be replaced or sometime the top sections can become worn down.

How are they placed?
The technique depends on the co-operation of the child. In most cases there will be minimal preparation is needed for placement. “Elastic bands” are flossed between the teeth to create a small amount of space, these will be left in place for between 2-5 days and then they are subsequently removed and then a metal crown can be fitted. The metal crowns are ‘pre-made’ the correct size will need to be chosen by the clinician once correct this will be cemented over the top of the tooth.

After the appointment.
Once placed they will feel “tight” and often the child’s bite will feel different, but they will soon adjust to this and will feel normal. Studies have shown that these crowns are well accepted by children.


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Photographs courtesy of the Scottish Dental Effectiveness Group

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