Liz Winfield

Clinical Director for Workforce Development

I joined Smile Together in 2022 to clinically lead their new contemporary private Keast Mews Dental Centre on the outskirts of Plymouth, moving from a private practice in London where I was an associate General Dental Practitioner. Prior to this I served for over ten years as a Dental Officer in the British Armed Forces, including working overseas, completing my military service holding the field rank of Major.

In March 2023 I was appointed as Clinical Director for Workforce Development, joining the Smile Together Board as Executive Director. Alongside my existing clinical days treating patients at Keast Mews, this sees me attending Board meetings and providing day-to-day and strategic clinical leadership to our dentists and therapists, working closely with our Operations Team.

I’m a compassionate, patient-centric and conscientious clinician, passionate about dentistry, patient care and my team. As an employee-owned and B Corp certified CIC with a brand-new dental centre to establish and grow in Saltash, Smile Together is the perfect environment for me to further develop my clinical leadership skills. In 2023 I was admitted as a Fellow to the College of General Dentistry and you can read more about my dental career here.

Away from work I am a keen long-distance swimmer and occasionally brave a competitive triathlon. I love to travel and experience new cultures and environments, especially food, and as a wine enthusiast I am WSET qualified with a particular love for English sparkling wine. I’ve been to Glastonbury festival ten times and de-stress with yoga, baking or making sushi. I live with my partner David and our blue cat, Balthazar, and we are currently renovating our Victorian house.

The fun bit

Cats or dogs?

Surfing or sunbathing?

Manual or electric toothbrush?

Cornish cider or gin?

Mini or VW Campervan?

Peace and quiet or loud and lively?

Flossing or interdental brushing?

Full on roast or salad?

Football or rugby?

Rock or classical?

Under cover or outside in the elements?

Both, though I do only have a cat at home!


Electric toothbrushing


VW campercan

Peace and quiet

Interdental brushing




Both! What’s better than a long walk followed by a cosy pub!

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