Joe Butcher

IT Systems Analyst

On a day-to-day basis I look after all IT systems within our company, ensuring they are running smoothly and reliably for both clinical and professional support colleagues to use in support of their own work priorities and in delivering their patient care. It’s a busy role which frequently finds me visiting our practice locations across the county and, as a naturally helpful individual, I’m often colleagues’ go-to’ person in the event of any issues with their IT systems or suggestions they have. This is one of the reasons I was inspired to stand for election to the Shareholder Impact Board.

I enjoy supporting Smile Together events and initiatives, including those out in the community such as Smiles at Sea. Another fun aspect of my role is problem solving and finding new solutions to issues arising. I really enjoy looking for ways that we can modernise from a technical standpoint. However, problem solving can also be my biggest challenge as IT issues do frequently crop up, it’s the nature of the job, so seeking and finding workable solutions in the timescales available is a big part of the job.

I have always been interested in computers and understanding how they work. I remember being 5/6 years old and going to Plymouth with my uncle to buy a new graphics card for the family computer and helping to fit it – from that day onwards I was hooked! Before joining Smile Together, I worked for a IT support company that provided contracted IT support to many different clients. That too was a busy role, one which has proved to be excellent grounding for my career at Smile Together where my colleagues have such a variety of IT requirements from a broad range of IT systems.

I find Smile Together a really inspiring environment. The fact that we have an opportunity to make a big difference to our patients and communities around us is so fulfilling. To someone considering working for Smile Together I’d say go for it, it’s a very rewarding company and we’re ambitious with lots of potential.

Outside of work I enjoy working on cars, bell ringing at the local churches, and being a dad to our two young children.

The fun bit

Cats or dogs?

Surfing or sunbathing?

Manual or electric toothbrush?

Cornish cider or gin?

Mini or VW Campervan?

Peace and quiet or loud and lively?

Flossing or interdental brushing?

Full on roast or salad?

Football or rugby?

Rock or classical?

Under cover or outside in the elements?


Probably sunbathing, but I would get bored!


I’d rather a cup of tea, however if I had to pick I do like the odd sloe gin


Peace and quiet


Full roast



Under cover

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