Kay Walden Clinical Lead Dental Nurse

Kay Walden

Clinical Lead Dental Nurse

On a day-to-day basis I am responsible for making sure everything is running smoothly and effectively for clinical colleagues working in our West Country Dental Care and Brighter Dental practices. I’m there to help with any requests they may have and I also keep my hand in by working as a dental nurse in our Newquay practice whenever required. I enjoy helping our patients, reassuring them and making sure they are as comfortable as possible.

There is quite a balance to achieve in being a dental nurse in a team leadership role but I enjoy the everyday challenges that this poses, the biggest one of which I find is keeping on top of emails and making sure I have everyone in the right place at the right time.

Before joining Smile Together I was a dental nurse at another practice in Cornwall and also worked at Treliske as a HCA.

I was inspired into a dental nursing career as I wanted to work within a health/medical environment and found this career option suited me well.

It’s really inspiring working in Smile Together – there are so many opportunities here for us, way beyond what you’d get working elsewhere. It’s flexible and professional, and everyone’s very friendly which makes for a great working environment.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my young family.

The fun bit

Cats or dogs? Both

Surfing or sunbathing? Either

Manual or electric toothbrush? Electric

Cornish cider or gin? Cider

Mini or VW Campervan? VW 

Peace and quiet or loud and lively? Both

Flossing or interdental brushing? ID brushes

Full on roast or salad? Salad

Football or rugby? Neither

Rock or classical? Reggae/Ska

Under cover or outside in the elements? Outside