Smile Together Dental Director Jonathan Bouwer-Davies

Jonathan Bouwer-Davies

Dental Director

I have ultimate responsibility for clinical team leadership across all aspects of our business, from our most complex special care community provision to private dentistry, and am a Director on the Smile Together Board.

At a strategic clinical level I lead the development of our dental services across the whole care pathway to ensure we continue to deliver the highest standards of clinical care and an excellent patient experience whilst meeting contractual and quality targets. I lead the Quality Committee and am responsible for ensuring compliance with national regulations and keeping us at the forefront of changes within the national dental landscape. I am deeply involved in clinical service improvement across our employee-owned social enterprise including developing systems of clinical governance and supervision, clinical audit, recruitment and continuing professional development with a close eye on succession planning. I have an active ambassadorial role in promoting Smile Together and frequently work in partnership with patients, clinicians, commissioners and other key stakeholders, representing us on key external committees.

The most fun and inspiring aspect of my role is the time I get to spend with our extraordinarily dedicated, experienced and professional team of clinicians working so hard on behalf of their patients. The biggest challenge in my role is needing to be everywhere at once and geographically Cornwall’s a pretty big county with some significant oral health inequalities to tackle.

I grew up in South Africa, came to secondary school in the UK and stayed here. Having always been interested in the caring, patient-centric side of medicine and healthcare this eventually led me into dentistry after work experience with a dentist family friend. I studied at Bristol University at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, completed my FD in Bristol and have continued to study including at UCL (sedation) and I most recently achieved a Masters of Clinical Dentistry with Distinction as well as Associateship of King’s College London. I’ve practised in a range of NHS and private dentistry roles across the South West including as a secondary care dentist and joined Smile Together in 2019 where I saw a clear opportunity to make a real difference for my colleagues and our patients.

To anyone considering joining Smile Together I’d say do it! Patients are at the very heart of everything we do, everyone is proactive, innovative and keen to improve – it’s a selfless organisation in that respect and just as good as it appears from the outside where, being employee-owned, everyone’s opinion counts. For me it’s not about the money, it’s about making that difference.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my young family alongside woodworking, hiking, sailing, tennis, photography and travelling, though you don’t need to go far when you live in such a beautiful location!

The fun bit

Cats or dogs? Both

Surfing or sunbathing? Sailing

Manual or electric toothbrush? Electric

Cornish cider or gin? Gin

Mini or VW Campervan? Campervan

Peace and quiet or loud and lively? It depends who I’m with!

Flossing or interdental brushing? Interdental

Full on roast or salad? Roast

Football or rugby? Rugby

Rock or classical? Rock

Under cover or outside in the elements? Outside