We are very happy to announce that we’ve published our latest Impact Special Edition showcasing our recent #SmilesAtSeaUK success in reaching out to the local fishing community.

By diving deeper into prevention and care, the fishing community across Cornwall and Devon was left smiling and a great deal healthier thanks to the spirit of true partnership and a dedicated team of volunteers in June 2018.

Funded by the Seafarers Hospital Society and delivered by Smile Together in partnership with The Fishermen’s Mission and Healthy Cornwall, Smiles At Sea brought dental treatment and NHS health checks to the harboursides.

Key facts:

115 patients seen over the 10 days, a 15% increase on last year, with 43 also ‘health checked’

All 115 received oral health packs, oral cancer screening, toothbrushing and dietary advice

Over 70% of patients seen hadn’t visited a dentist in the last 5 years

The response from the fishermen and their families was glowing and grateful, and all the partners involved have seen the potential to further grow and develop Smiles at Sea to have even more of an impact in future.

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