Emi Mawson, Dentist, Smile Together

Emi Mawson

Balancing urgent dental care provision alongside general practice as a young dentist

After graduating in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Plymouth, Dr Emi Mawson went on to achieve her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from The University of Central Lancashire in July 2019 (achieving first class honours in both degrees). After a spell in general practice in Lancashire and being chosen as their Foundation Dentist of the year, she returned to Cornwall to join Smile Together Dental CIC.

Working one day a week in general practice, Emi devotes the rest of her week to providing emergency care for local people (including children) who don’t have their own dentist and therefore don’t benefit from regular oral health care, advice and guidance. Smile Together treat around 35,000 patients each year, many anxious and in severe pain. Emi recently extracted her 200th tooth acknowledging “how many little actions create a big impact for the local community” but does her level best to ensure “patients don’t have to experience the heartbreak of leaving with a gap in their smile”.

Committed to the highest levels of patient care and making a difference to those who need us most, Emi has tremendous ambition to develop her dentistry career. Her dedication to self-development above and beyond that of statutory requirements is clear and includes creating and sharing valuable educational content.

Only 28 years old, Emi is passionate about improving longer term oral health outcomes for all and particularly younger generations. Eloquently described as ‘If Hermione Granger did Dentistry’ she skilfully and confidently uses social media platforms to influence, educate and challenge and has built a huge loyal following on TikTok (c.30,000 followers https://www.tiktok.com/@dentist_emi) and Instagram (c.2,000 followers https://www.instagram.com/dentist_emi/). She uses this profile to influence everything dental from emphasising the importance of dental care, sharing top tips, discussing treatment options and tackling issues head on such as dental tourism and teeth whitening through to potentially disastrous celebrity trends.

As a result she is regularly featured in the press including UniLad, Ladbible, Yahoo News, The Daily Mail and Glamour Magazine in relation to the trend for teeth shaving for veneers https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/guide-to-getting-teeth-veneers.

Early in 2021 Emi appeared on ‘Teeth and Tales’ with Dr Shaadi, talking TikTok and viral social media trends including veneers vs crowns, at home whitening trends and whether they work. In February she was also invited to record an interview for UK Health Radio which you can hear here.

This high dentistry profile so early in her career means that Emi is frequently approached by companies to endorse their products. She is of course very selective and undertakes significant research and due diligence before accepting any offers, to ensure best outcomes for Smile Together and our patients here in Cornwall.

On top of all this Emi has set herself a goal this year to make eco-friendly switches.  The opinion of many is that Emi is certainly a young dentist to watch!