West Country Dental Care dentist Buds in clinic

Danasagaran “Buds” Athimoolam

West Country Dental Care dentist

I was born by the coast in Port Elizabeth, South Africa into an extended family of dentists and, initially graduating with a medical sciences degree, I qualified in dentistry in 1990 in Cape Town where I remained until moving to Bethlehem as Chief Dentist for 22 towns, building and equipping dentistry provision for the Department of Health. Then I moved to a mining company in Botswana, heading dentistry in their private hospital before moving to the UK in 2002, practicing in North Wales, then East Lancashire, and now the West Country Dental Care team of Smile Together where I absolutely love the ethos of the business.

I’ve always wanted to practise in an environment where community and social impact matters more than just meeting targets and generating profit, but I didn’t know one existed until now – and I’m back living by the sea with my family and an excellent work life balance!

The most rewarding aspect of being a dentist within West Country Dental Care is having flexibility and quality time, not just to treat patients and relieve their pain and potential for sepsis, but to encourage them to improve their oral health and receive more regular dental care. I regularly share useful websites with on-line films to help explain why dental treatment is required, pitched at a level the patient can understand, and having our own Brighter Dental private provision with a Patient Plan option genuinely makes this accessible.