I had been a previous employee for six years before moving away to Surrey but, as the months passed, I missed my parents, colleagues, job and Cornish lifestyle more and more until it became apparent that I needed to return!  I had been following the company’s development, regularly viewing the website and proudly showing my new work colleagues what I had been a part of before relocating. The consequences of this were a heavy heart and a yearning to return to Cornwall and to Smile Together, which I finally achieved!

As a dental nurse with Smile Together’s community dental team, I have been fortunate to gain experience in the majority of areas that our service provides.  I have worked in Orthodontics in Bodmin one day a week for many years which I really enjoy, and in Access and Community dentistry and in Oral Surgery during the remaining days – a varied experience each week which gives me tremendous job satisfaction.

I love working alongside our dentists in delivering excellent patient care, helping and offering support as and when needed. It’s so rewarding knowing that together we have made a difference to the patients we see, and that I have done the best of my ability.

One of the other things I enjoy most about working here is the team – they’re such a great bunch!  It also helps to have a decent contract and hours of work but, above all, it’s so nice to get up in the morning and look forward to what the day has to offer.

To anyone considering joining our company, I’d sum us up as one big family.  It’s a genuinely great place to work, make new friends and enhance your clinical career with superb opportunities.

I am quite biased and very loyal, I love my job and the people that I have the good fortune to work with.  I am very proud to be a part of Smile Together as it goes from strength to strength in making a difference to the Cornish community.

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