Brighter Smiles

At Smile Together we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure.

Our Brighter Smiles programme is delivered by specially trained oral health educators. The programme provides oral health education, tooth brushing and healthy diet advice to children and their families in some of the most deprived areas of Cornwall. The programme offers:

  • Fluoride varnish application to children aged between 5 and 6 at schools across Cornwall
  • Tooth brushing clubs at Children’s Centres across the county and at schools. These activities highlight the importance of good oral health from an early age and also provide sound advice about the best oral health regimes
  • Oral health education sessions across the county. These sessions aim to provide pre-school children and their families with key oral health messages, and healthy diet advice
  • The Brighter Smiles Team provides tooth brushes, paste and general information to all those who are involved in the programme.

Our impact at a glance:

We supported over 900 children at 27 brushing clubs in nursery schools and Children’s Centres across Cornwall

We set up 20 fluoride varnishing and oral health education programmes in reception classes

To find out more visit our Brighter Smiles website: